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We are the largest passenger transport operator in Europe. We service more than 2,200 million trips in 14 European countries every year ...

Arriva Group

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  • Arriva Madrid

    Arriva Madrid was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of two families; Gregorio De Blas and Isidro Gómez who,

  • Arriva Galicia

    Arriva Galicia is the main bus service provider in Northern Galicia, where we have been operating

  • Arriva Mallorca

    The Arriva company has been providing both regular and discretionary transport for over 40 years.

Our Services

Consulta los horarios* de las expediciones. Aquí tienes toda nuestra oferta de líneas en formato PDF .

  • Enviroment

    In Arriva we are convinced that public transport is good for the environment since it reduces global carbon dioxide emissions,

  • Quality Management

    The Arriva Group in Spain, within its strategy of expansion and unification,

  • Deustche Bahn

    Arriva is part of Deutsche Bahn, and is responsible for the growth of the group's regional passenger transport services outside of Germany.

* AVISO Horarios orientativos según el tráfico.  Ver Servicios

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C/ José Abascal 45
28003 Madrid
Phone: +34 91 226 04 18
Email: calidad@arriva.es

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