Success story of a European passenger transport group:

The history of Arriva and transport in the United Kingdom can have enormous parallels with the recent history and future of our companies and the passenger transport sector in Spain.

Founded in 1938:

Founded in 1938 by the Cowie family as a motorcycle sales and repair business in Sunderland.

Transport of Travelers 1980:

In 1980, with the purchase of George Ewer Ltd and the creation of Gray-Green, he began his career in the business of passenger transport by bus. In 1985 he won his first contest in London Begins Expansión 1986.

In 1986 the regional services were deregulated and privatized and from 1992 David Martin began with the expansion of what is now Arriva. Transport of travelers in continental Europe 1997.

In 1997 it entered the passenger transport market in continental Europe with the acquisition of Unibus Holdings in Denmark and Sweden. New Markets 2013.

Since then it continues to grow, culminating this process with the acquisition, in 2013, of Veolia Transport Central Europe, boosting its presence in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and starting its operations in new markets such as Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.

History of Growth in Spain:

Northern Spain 1999:

Arriva enters the Spanish market with the acquisition of two companies in Galicia. The companies purchased were Ideal Auto S.A., Transportes Finisterre S.A. and Rutabús S.A.

Mallorca 2002:

It continues its expansion with the acquisition of two main operators on the island of Mallorca. The companies purchased were Bus Nort Balear S.L. and Autocares Mallorca S.L.

Community of Madrid 2007:

Arriva acquires Universal Sphere and Fray Escoba in Madrid, two companies specialized in discretionary transport services.

Community of Madrid 2008:

Arriva strengthens its position in the Spanish market with the acquisition of one of the strongest regular line operators in the Community of Madrid: Empresa de Blas y Cía S.L.

Mallorca 2014:

Arriva buys the assets of a small company in Mallorca, Autoline Mallorca, S.A., thus reinforcing its presence on the island.

Aucasa 2016:

Arriva acquires Autos Carballo (Aucasa) and Santiaguesa Metropolitana, incorporating both businesses in ARRIVA Noroeste.


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