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The Arriva Group in Spain, within its strategy of expansion and unification, has completed the project of integration of Quality, Environment and Quality management systems for passenger transport of all its divisions, in accordance with international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and UNE 13816: 2003. These management systems have been certified in July, by conducting an external audit simultaneously, in the divisions of Arriva Galicia, Arriva DBlas and Arriva Mallorca, with excellent result, thanks to the commitment, participation and collaboration of all colleagues with the Quality department. We consider that this achievement reflects the values ​​that represent us (One Arriva, Great Customer Experience, Doing the Right Thing) in the work carried out during the last months by all of us and preparing the way to continue with the integration project of the current systems with Prevention of Labor Risks, Social Responsibility and Energy Efficiency (Thinking beyond) to result in a continuous improvement of our work.

ISO 9001:2015 (all)

The Arriva Group assumes quality assurance as a management commitment of the entire organization and of each of its members in its area of responsibility, as a guarantee of compliance with our internal Quality requirements and commitments acquired against our customers. This is the objective, to get everyone to carry out our work under an orderly system according to established procedures, which should lead us to a better functioning and to achieve the set objectives. The certified quality management system evidences the improvement achieved in the integration of key processes of the organization, as well as the correct monitoring, measurement and analysis of each of them.

ISO 14001:2015 (all)

The certified environmental management system contributes to achieving the objectives of the "Destination Green" initiative of the Arriva Group, such as reducing the use of fuels, reducing emissions, reducing water and energy consumption, and as the minimization of waste generation.

EMAS (Madrid and Galicia)

Regulation n. 1221/2009, known by its acronym in English EMAS (Environmental Management Audit Scheme), is a system that allows organizations to join, on a voluntary basis, a community management system and environmental audits. In this voluntary way, our companies Arriva DBlas and Arriva Galicia, decided to implement this system when considering their environmental commitment to society. Thus, a series of action criteria have been defined in order to ensure the protection of the environment in the development of our activities. Protection principles have been established and an environmental management system has been developed and implemented in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standard. On the occasion of the anniversary of the creation of the European Union's environmental management and auditing system, the well-known EMAS system, the European Commission has delivered to DBlas last February 2015 a Commemorative Certificate where we are recognized as one of the organizations that have been adhering to EMAS systems for more than 10 years.

Madrid Excellent (DBlas)

The Madrid Excelente Guarantee Brand must be defined, and understood, integrated into an innovative mechanism to support our business fabric, an engine of economic development and quality assurance for consumers who acquire a product or service with strict quality standards and with the complete sure that your choice is the most successful. Arriva DBlas was one of the first companies to be certified with the Madrid Excelente label in 2001.

SGE21 (DBlas)

The SGE21 standard is a standard that develops the criteria established and evaluated in companies by the Ethical and Socially Responsible Management System.

UNE EN 13816 (all)

The UNE EN 13816 standard is a certifiable norm specific to organizations dedicated to land passenger transport that measures the level of quality of service offered by a company. In addition, Arriva DBlas is certified in this standard according to the criteria of the CRTM Quality Plan.

Service Charter UNE 93200 (DBlas)

Arriva DBlas presents its Service Charter annually. This Charter is the document that constitutes the instrument through which we inform our users about the services we perform, about their rights and about the quality commitments that we acquire and commit ourselves to comply with.

OSHAS 18001 (DBlas)

Arriva DBlas has obtained the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification according to the OHSAS 18001 standard, being implemented directly by the Occupational Risk Prevention Department of Arriva DBlas. This new certification reaffirms the commitment of Arriva DBlas and our HR department for an integration of effective health and safety in the company.

Registration in the MAGRAMA Carbon Footprint Registry (DBlas)

Arriva DBlas has renewed its registration of the calculation of its carbon footprint in section a) of Carbon Footprint and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the calculation of 2015 in the Carbon Footprint Registry, compensation and CO2 absorption projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment in October, complementing the one already registered for the year 2014 in February 2016.

EMAS 100x150
CO2 C 2014
CO2 C 2015
Certificacion Verde ISO14001 Alta
Certificacion Azul SGE 21
Certificacion Azul ISO9001 Alta
Certificacion Azul EN13816 Alta


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