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Arriva, an example of accessibility

Digital accessibility

In our commitment to offer services that are accessible to everyone, we want to do the same with our website.

For this reason, the Arriva web portal has been designed in accordance with the guidelines established in the International Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1 of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at level AA (Double-A), the WCAG recommended conformance level for entire sites.
- Exceptionally, some map-type images can be found that do not offer an alternative description.
- Very occasionally, some content overlaps when the text is increased to 200%.
- There is video content that does not include alternatives for audio content (subtitles) and video content (transcriptions and audio descriptions).
- There are also digital documents in Excel and PDF format that do not incorporate accessibility features.
- Responsive design, providing a site that adapts properly depending on the device used (PC / laptop, tablet or mobile)

Measures implemented on the site
At Arriva we are committed to offering an accessible service to all our travelers. Along these same lines, accessibility is also key for Arriva when it comes to its portal, integrating some functionalities that allow any user to easily access content:

1. Separation of content and presentation
To present the information, style sheets or CSS are used, as well as the HTML markup language for an efficient structuring of the content.

2. Typography
We have set the font in relative units, so it will allow the user to increase or decrease the font from the settings of the browser you are using. All this without altering the correct layout and display of the content of the site.

3. Hierarchical content
Each of the pages that make up the Arriva site have always been designed following the guidelines of the W3C (an organization that establishes the international standards that all websites should comply with).
Under the criteria of establishing an architecture for the different content that the user can access without any problem, whatever their condition, the section headers, lists and all those elements that allow a global understanding of the designed site have been established.

4. Contrast
- In accordance with the corporate image of Arriva, the fonts and color range used in the web portal have been detailed, always guaranteeing that the information presented to the user is as clear and forceful as possible.
- The Arriva website was designed so that anyone could navigate easily, clearly differentiating the menus, links, images and other content.
- A button has been integrated to optimize the contrast of certain blocks that are not textual, located in the top menu and called +Accessible.
- The user can use the keyboard as a navigation device in the current site, as well as position himself in any block using the tabulator
- The links and buttons are elements that allow pressing the enter key to execute the associated functionality, just as anyone could also do it using the left mouse button.

5. Non-text blocks
At Arriva we have integrated alternative solutions so that any user can access the content without any problem, whatever their physical or mental condition.
- The links or hyperlinks have been designed so that any user can interact with them easily and access the linked content, always informing the user of the opening of new windows.
- The fields of the forms follow a logical order of tabulation, linking labels in all the fields that facilitate the understanding of the data requested at that time.
- The designed tables have headers for a correct interpretation of the data they contain.
- If for some reason the user does not have a browser with CSS support, the markup allows the correct visualization of the content that is presented.

6. Technology applied in development
- The site complies with the accessibility standards of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) of the W3C consortium (World Wide Web Consortium), at its intermediate level (AA). Web Accessible Content Guidelines 2.1.
- Following the recommendation of the consortium, the presentation of information is done using style sheets, CSS3 version.
- The design has been laid out following the current HTML5 standard, whose advantages are numerous. For example, having semantic labeling, flexibility of its syntax, and new labels that facilitate the understanding of the different web forms.
- All the dynamic content used on the Arriva website has followed the guidelines established by WAI-ARIA (use of HTML, Javascript, Ajax...), which implies greater accessibility in terms of content.

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